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About Broken Links Checker

Broken Link Checker will help you to find broken, unpleasant and unreachable hyperlinks. Backlinks are clickable that point you to a specific location. If you click on a linked link that you can click, it will take you to a different page or shows a message that reads a 404 message. This can be the damaged link. The most commonly-cited and most popular causes of broken links are but aren't excluded from these:

  • The website is always accessible.
  • The website page has been deleted.
  • The URL of the web page has been changed or altered.
  • The page redirects to other websites. (Sometimes)

Our Broken link Checker tool is an original and well-organized tool that analyses your website entire content to find out if there are any errors on the page with backlinks. Broken links can be very harmful to returning visitors and search engine robots as well. 

Since search engine robots can detect websites with a link that is broken and marks the website as unfriendly to search engines. It can hurt users of your site as well as the image of your site as well. It's detrimental to a site with broken links since users can't satisfy their requirements and would rather use other sources to address their questions.

Use our broken link checker tool to find any issues with your website and repair the flaws in your broken link immediately. Our broken link analyzer is extremely fast and simple to use. 

It is necessary to input or paste your site URL to check it for broken links. If you wish to study the backlinks on your website, you can also use the child tool, which is a Backlink Checker tool. It will analyze every backlink on your page to your site or page.

Who broken the link checker function?

Broken links are as bad as head pain on websites. It can lead to confusion and affect the user experience and rankings as well. The tool that analyzes broken links thoroughly scans the site of inquiry and finds all broken links, and then displays them in the report their response code. It displays broken links, with a "404" error response code along and their exact location and anchor text.

How to use our Broken Links Checker?

  • Enter or paste your website URL in the box above and then click on the "submit" button.
  • This tool will show every broken page with its anchor text as well as its exact whereabouts along with the URL.
  • You can check for broken pages by going through them.