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About URL Rewriting Tool

Rencotools URL Rewriting Tool allows you to modify dynamic URLs. It's flexible and easy to use. It is very flexible and user-friendly. Rewriter dynamic URLs Apache mod-rewrite module converts long, complex dynamic URLs to search engine-friendly static HTML URLs.

Why is it important to have clean URLs?

Rewriting URLs could be a good idea for two reasons. Search Engine Optimization is one of these reasons. Search engines seem to be more comfortable with URLs that do not contain long query strings. URL rewrite rules can be used to convert dynamic URLs to search engine-friendly links. These static URLs are search engine friendly and rank higher in search engines. They also attract more traffic because they look friendlier to end users.

A URL like can be indexed much easier, whereas its dynamic form,, can actually confuse the search engines and cause them to miss possibly important information contained in the URL, and thus preventing you from getting the expected ranking.

Search engines can identify folder names with clean URLs and establish real links to keywords. Search engines may encounter difficulties indexing the content of query string parameters. Many SEO professionals agree that dynamic URLs that static URLs are more appealing to web spiders than dynamic URLs.

How URL rewriting works

Because of many reasons, static URLs are better than dynamic URLs.

  1. Search engines rank static URLs higher than dynamic ones.
  2. Search engines are known to index dynamic pages much slower than static pages.
  3. Static URLs look friendlier to End Users.